Steyoyoke Recordings was founded by passionate like-minded individuals, who as a group sustain the rare power of bringing together some of the finest music and art. Eye catching cover designs has always been synonymous with the label and more recently, the innovation of their very own music genre ‘Ethereal Techno’, has thrust both the Steyoyoke sound and branding.

Steyoyoke Black was launched in 2014, paving way for Steyoyoke's first sub label, as well as forging a fresh avenue in welcoming the return of techno. The main roster consists of Nick Devon, Dahu, Soul Button, Clawz SG, Darko Milosevic, Arude, Camille Luciani, and Lost Soul.

Emotive, profound, and uplifting; Inner Symphony takes you on an excursion unlike any other. What started as a podcast series from Soul Button, became an even greater evolution in April 2017, as it took on a whole new dimension by becoming a label.